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Signs Your Senior Dog Could Benefit From CBD Supplements

CBD has been in the center of attention within the medical community these last few years. Due to legalization efforts being successful, significant funds were invested into research of this cannabinoid.

CBD has shown indications that it might aid with symptoms like pain, stress and muscle injuries. As human tests have progressed, so has research on the effects of CBD on our four-pawed friends.

Senior dogs, in particular, have interesting for exploring the benefits of CBD. How do you know if your senior pup can benefit from it in his last days? If any of these signs are present, your beloved dog can have his life changed.

Dog with owner

It doesn’t respond to name and commands, doesn’t recall places

We do hear a lot about how aging can be detrimental to dogs’ bodies. Physical symptoms are always noticed first because they are much more apparent than changes in canine mental health. Like humans, senior dogs see their memory deteriorate. Long-term memories start to fade away as your pup ages, but so do parts of the brain which govern short-term memory.

As the brain ages, your dog will start forgetting even the simplest things, like commands, names and faces. It’s sad, but it happens to everybody. So it’s up to you to make this whole period easier for him and slow down the process of dementia.

If your dog is experiencing these problems, he might be an ideal candidate for CBD. Ask your veterinarian for more information.

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It’s under a lot of stress

Aging brings lots of problems to the canine body. As a result, you have to take him to the vet more often. While a veterinarian works to benefit the dog, we all know how scared and stressed out puppets are at the vet’s office.

Younger dogs can be calmed down, but senior canines have to be shielded from stress as much as possible. It’s your job not to make their life more difficult and try to prevent them from feeling scared, anxious or stressed-out.

Stress, however, never comes alone. With constant exposure to stress and a lack of serenity, a dog can experience persistent stress-induced nausea. Senior dogs are known to have a problem with appetite, making this situation even more alarming for your pooch. Every time he throws up, your dog loses valuable nutrients.

It’s important to calm your dog down. In addition to your constant presence, physical contact and therapy, you might need additional aid. CBD products provide quick-working relief against the negative effects of stress in senior dogs.

Couple with a dog

It’s experiencing joint problems

We’ve already mentioned the presumed anti-inflammatory effects of CBD for the brains of senior dogs. That same beneficial effect doesn’t have to be so localized. Given the fact that aging happens within the entire body, your senior dog might also be experiencing joint pain and a lack of mobility. It’s one of the most apparent signs that your senior dog could benefit from CBD supplements.

When a dog grows old, the first problems he experiences will most likely be related to joints. From years of running and constant motion, your senior dog can start having joint problems. They will first appear in the form of reduced movement capabilities. However, in more extreme cases, your dog might experience pain and discomfort even when he’s not moving.

In a worst-case scenario, you will have to carry him around and monitor him while he’s laying down. With an immobile dog comes a myriad of other issues such as lacerations from being in the same position all the time, as well as muscular atrophy. If your buddy doesn’t use his joints and muscles, they will only become worse.
A mobile dog is a happy dog, as he gets to expend all his energy and enjoy all the playtime and activity he wants. For senior dogs, CBD oil is a possible opportunity for more graceful aging. Every dog deserves to be as active as possible, even to his last moment. Your beloved pooch is no exception.

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A lack of appetite

Like humans, dogs also start refusing to eat if they’re not feeling well. Canine maladies like cancer, arthritis and more can lead to your dog’s appetite becoming non-existent. For senior dogs, this is especially dangerous as they need nutrients more than ever. When their body isn’t functioning normally, they need extra energy to be able to go about their daily routine.

At an older age, it’s essential to improve your dog’s diet and give them an opportunity to eat as much as they need. CBD can counter the effect of the body shutting down the will to eat.

If you add CBD oil to your dog’s water or meal, there is a strong chance that they might get the good old “munchies” yet again. With an improved appetite, your dog will be more cheerful and start becoming more active. Activity and proper recovery are paramount if your senior dog is dealing with an injury of some sorts.

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Carrying a dog

It falls down a lot

Another prominent sign that your senior dog needs CBD is the way he moves. Senior dogs experience difficulties during even the simplest movements. As a consequence, they often have bruises and lacerations from both hitting the ground and hitting objects whilst falling.

With such experiences, your dog is in constant pain. To make his life easier and to prevent him from suffering, give CBD a chance. There is no surefire way to know how he will respond, but he deserves a chance to be better and to live out his days in peace.


Senior dogs experience a myriad of health problem on a daily basis. These issues span from joint pain, lacerations to muscle problems and dementia. CBD might be of help in terms of providing fact-acting, long-lasting and reliable relief from various symptoms of aging. Every dog and owner have to go through this phase, together. It’s up to you to help your companion grow old without too many health problems.

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