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Natural Remedy for Dogs With Motion Sickness

Just like humans, dogs also experience motion sickness. Unfortunately, motion sickness is an issue you have to deal with if your pet suffers from it and if you love taking him along when you travel. The good news is that when dogs grow older, they can outgrow this condition and you can take them along with you more frequently.

If your canine suffers from motion sickness, you may try taking him out for rides around your neighborhood frequently. After doing this, you may notice the issue resolving itself. If not, you may need to look for other remedies for your canine companion. Some canines aren’t able to outgrow this condition even after they’ve grown up.

In such cases, you have to provide some assistance to your dog so your car rides don’t have to be traumatic experiences for your pet. If you’re looking for some ideas for remedies, here are the best natural remedies for dogs with motion sickness:

Dog in a car

CBD products

Nowadays, more and more pet owners turn to CBD products to make their dogs happier and healthier. Cannabidiol or CBD is a type of chemical compound which belongs to a broader category called cannabinoids.

This is a group of compounds which interact with your endocannabinoid system and activate your cannabinoid receptors. The cannabinoid receptors are also Two of the most common receptors which CBD activated indirectly are the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Using CBD products to alleviate motion sickness in dogs is very effective. This is mainly because CBD interacts with the CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. You can find these CB1 receptors all over a dog’s body. Primarily though, they’re located in the digestive tract and in the central nervous system.

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Therefore, the CBD products can help ease motion sickness by regulating both the vestibular system and the visual system of dogs. Giving your dog CBD helps maintain a balanced and healthy chemistry of his brain. It also maintains the health of the dog’s digestive system to avoid nausea and tummy upset which commonly occur along with motion sickness.

Also, when you give your dog CBD to ease this condition, it also helps reduce the canine’s overall sense of nervousness which he feels once you load him in your car. CBD products are very effective at alleviating emotional distress as they provide calming and mild sedation effects. After taking the CBD product, your dog will feel more relaxed inside your car. Soon, he may start associating car rides with calm and positive feelings.

CBD products are well-tolerated and safe for dogs and it’s impossible to overdose on them. If you happen to administer too much to your pet, you may notice him getting drowsy or sleeping more. If your dog suffers from severe motion sickness, these side effects may even prove beneficial. That way, your dog won’t feel stressed while riding in your car.

There are different types of CBD products for dogs and pets. Some even come in the form of CBD edibles and CBD dog treats. Although CBD oils are the most concentrated and thus, most effective, you may also try giving these types of products to your pet. When it comes to CBD, it’s a trial-and-error process. This means that you have to find the best product and best dosage for your own canine.

Black dog

Herbs and spices

The next natural remedies to consider for motion sickness are herbs and spices. Unfortunately, the options aren’t as many as those effective for humans. The reason for this is that dogs have different digestive systems and metabolisms. Also, some foods that we eat aren’t good for them.

One of the most common spice to give to dogs is ginger. However, dogs don’t like it’s taste so they won’t eat the root in its raw form. What you can do is administer this spice in a less-spicy form such as candied ginger, ginger snaps, or ginger drops.

Licorice root can also be very effective but it also has a strong taste which dogs don’t appreciate. So, think of other products which contain licorice but which have a more appealing taste for canines. They would love it more and consume it without throwing tantrums.

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Essential oils

You can also use a number of essential oils to settle nausea or upset tummy your dog feels because of the motion sickness. If the condition comes from your dog feeling very nervous, you can try using oils which have a calming effect.

There are calming sprays available which contain essential oils of lavender and valerian. Both of these have relaxing effects which will benefit your dog when you travel. Keep these on-hand whenever you need to travel or for other situations which you know cause nervousness in your pet like thunderstorms, fireworks, and so on.

Water and baking soda

Although this isn’t a “fancy remedy,” it’s also effective in easing nausea caused by motion sickness. Before your trip, mix one teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water. Then give your dogs a couple of sips. The bubbles can help calm your dog’s stomach while alleviating the symptoms of vomiting and nausea. Other common remedies include kefir which is a type of fermented milk drink and using an aromatizer in your car which gives off a calming fragrance.

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In Conclusion

Apart from using these natural remedies to ease the motion sickness felt by your dogs, you can also use some conditioning techniques. These techniques can be very useful when helping your canine overcome this distressing condition. All you have to do is to gradually condition your canine each time you go for a ride so he associates trips with positive feelings. Pair these techniques with the natural remedies we’ve just discussed and you’ll notice your dog becoming more and more relaxed and happy during your car rides.

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