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Choose the Best CBD Oil for Your Dog this Black Friday

The busiest shopping day of the year is here. Make the most out of this Black Friday by choosing the highest quality CBD oil for your dog. CBD oil is not just another natural product; it is a medical wonder which makes it ideal for dealing with a wide variety of pet problems. For more information about finding the best CBD oil deal this Black Friday by choosing the highest quality and trusted products, read on!

CBD Oil for Dogs: What It Is and How It Helps

Acronym for cannabidiol, CBD is a natural compound extracted from Cannabis sativa plant. This plant also yields tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is a psychoactive agent and induces a high state in users. CBD is, however, free of this psychostimulant property and instead, affects many biological processes in mammals including dogs and is, therefore, highly beneficial for overall health.

By interacting with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system located in various body organs in all mammals, CBD positively affects your pet’s health. CBD oil has been found to be useful in relieving the following conditions in dogs.

  • Pain
  • Low appetite
  • Digestive and other gut problems
  • Fatigue
  • Low immunity
  • Joint problems
  • Allergies

Where to Buy CBD for Dogs?

With the legalization of CBD products, CBD oils are now more easily available than ever before. You can buy CBD oil (as well as a number of other CBD based dog products) for improving your pet’s health at local smoke shops, some health food stores, and certain licensed retailers.

You can also buy CBD oil within the comfort of your own home and have it delivered to your doorstep by ordering CBD oil online. A number of retailers sell CBD based products online. However, not all of them are trustable. Look for a reputed CBD oil brand that sells verified CBD products.

One of the most trustworthy brands leading the CBD oil industry is Verified CBD. With its wide range of high-quality CBD oil for dogs, CBD dog treats, CBD tinctures, and other similar products specifically designed for overcoming canine problems, Verified CBD is one of the most reputed names of the industry for buying superior quality CBD oil and making the most out of your money this Black Friday.

What to Look For While Choosing CBD Product for Your Dog This Black Friday

While browsing the shelves and online catalogs this Black Friday, be mindful not to get scammed with low-quality CBD oil while trying to save a few extra bucks. You might end up saving some money and a bottle of CBD that is no good due to low quality. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while looking for CBD oil for your dog.

Organic is the best

Look for organically grown CBD as it is free of pesticides and herbicides induced damage. The farming and harvesting of CBD contribute significantly towards the quality of CBD oil to a great extent. Organically grown hemp is toxin free and offers maximal health benefits.

High-quality extraction

Read the label carefully for the process of extraction of CBD oil. CBD is extracted from the raw plant by using different solvents and the type of solvent determines the purity level of CBD oil. Some of the most commonly used solvents include petroleum-based solvents, ethanol and carbon dioxide (CO2).  CBD oil extracted with CO2 is the purest.

Correct CBD quantity  

There may be 10 similar bottles of CBD oil on the shelf from different brands and all can have different amounts of CBD present in them. Look up the amount of CBD present in the product you choose in order to deliver the correct dose of CBD to your dog based on its weight.

If the amount of CBD present in the oil you choose is less than your pet’s required dose, it will be ineffective. You can decide how much CBD oil to give to your dog by finding out the milligrams per drop of CBD oil and your dog’s requirements by using the following formula.

Low dose (for mild symptoms):  0.05mg X lb given twice daily

Medium dose (for moderate symptoms):  0.125 mg X lb given twice daily

High dose (for severe symptoms):  0.25 mg X lb given twice daily

Third party accreditation

Just because a product says it offers the health benefits listed on the label doesn’t mean it actually does so. Look for the third party lab testimonial on the product which verifies that the product is additive and preservative free (as additives tend to lower the quality of the product) and that the product has been tested for all the individual effects it claims.  You can actually contact the manufacturers to provide you with a certificate of analysis to completely verify a product before buying it.

Brand matters

Search the brand you are about to buy from in order to avoid being cheated out of your honest money. We can’t stress enough the importance of buying from a reliable company like Verified CBD. One of the most dog-friendly products Verified CBD offers is CBD dog treats which contain high-quality, organically grown, lab-tested CBD formulated in veterinary strength that helps relieve a variety of dog problems.  

Bottom line

With its myriads of health benefits for dogs, CBD has left the veterinarians around the world entirely baffled. CBD is the future of alternative therapy. With its holistic health benefits, CBD can help your canine friend overcome a number of different types of ailments.

The CBD oil product you choose this Black Friday is an investment towards your dog’s health. So, invest wisely. Never compromise on the quality of the product you choose. Don’t forget to administer CBD oil to your dog very carefully. Closely monitor for any change in symptoms and consult your vet for guidance. Have a very hempy holiday!

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