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3 Things to Ask Your Vet Before Choosing CBD for Dogs

The health of your pet should be the most important thing in the world for you. Whether they experience chronic pain after an injury or they’re just old, your pets deserve the right aid. CBD products are one solution, but the market is becoming too big to be sure about the quality products.

Many veterinarians in state where it is legal can recommend CBD for your pet, but they may mistakenly prescribe the wrong brand or product. Ask your vet these 3 things and be sure that you’ve made the right choice for you and your beloved four-pawed friend. Dogs only deserve the best and we have a duty of providing that to them.

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Is the product lab tested by a 3rd party?

One of the most important factors about choosing the right CBD product for dogs is legitimacy. You must be sure that the product of choice is guaranteed not to cause any unwanted side effects to the health of your dog. It’s important for every CBD retailer and manufacturer to have FDA approval and other paperwork, but there is one verification important than others – lab testing.

Why is it important for CBD products to be lab tested? There are several reasons, but most of it has to do with the ingredients that certain CBD products contain. While there are organic products, many manufacturers seek to add their own ingredients into the final product.

This is done to enhance taste in the form of artificial flavoring or a substance that accelerates absorption. There is no way to tell how these additional ingredients will affect your dog, so it’s important to have products lab tested.

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Reviews and recommendations are simply not enough. A product may have had a miraculous effect on other dogs, but being “pretty sure” is not enough.

There has to be verification by a laboratory, but not just any verification – it has to be by a third party. Lots of companies test the products at their own laboratory and flaunt the results. Therefore, you need to research before you purchase the CBD product.

Ask your vet this question to ensure the product is safe for use for every dog. Feel free to ask the vet for statistics relating to testing and let him explain them to you. Check to see if there is a Certificate of Analysis, which means the product has passed through the necessary protocol and emerged as viable for widespread use.

Don’t fall for online reviews, descriptions and other gimmicks. There are professional laboratories that test CBD products for dog, ensuring that none of the ingredients will cause an adverse reaction.

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Are there instructions related to dosing?

When you’re sure that a product has verification from a 3rd party laboratory, it’s time to see how your particular dog will respond to it. A major factor in this is the dosage. Ask your vet about dosage specifics about a product you’re interested in.

Even though CBD is a natural compound, that doesn’t mean you can give any amount to your pet. Every reputable product should have a detailed guide on how to dose it to your pet. A vet should know this and instruct you on how to apply it, how long to use it and more details.

Check to see if the product has weight-specific dosing. Different breeds of dogs needed different doses because of their size. A 5mg dose won’t have the same effect on a poodle as it has on a German Shepherd.

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Keep in mind that different CBD products have different purposes, meaning that there will be even more dosage instructions about dealing with specific conditions. Your vet has to let you know about everything, as crisp instructions are your best ally when trying to alleviate a condition your pet has.

If a product doesn’t have even the most basic dosage instructions, don’t even consider it. This means that they haven’t performed extensive tests before launching it. While it’s not possible for a dog to overdose on CBD, you should know how to use the product and how much.

Just because you can afford to administer a bigger dose, doesn’t mean you’re not wasting the product. By asking your vet about the dosage, you ensure that you will use the product effectively and combat the problem swiftly and easily.

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What is your experience with this product?

Vets can provide you with all the necessary information about whether the product has been tested or how it’s used. This theoretical knowledge can guide you through your purchase quest, but you also have to ask about practical experience. Inquire with your doctor about how effective was this CBD product with other dogs.

Ask him to tell you about the effectiveness in different condition. Once you find out about how different dogs responded to the product, you will have a better idea if this is the right choice for your dog.

If there are cases when the product wasn’t effective, inquire more. Maybe the vet can then tell you about an alternative CBD oil or other product that proven effective when treating that said dog.

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Just by asking these things, you will find out a lot about different CBD products and how they stack up against each other. After some time, you will be much more competent when choosing specific products for your dog.

A vet’s practical experience is an invaluable source of knowledge concerning specific products. They have observed how different dogs responded to different products in real time.

Lab testing and verifications by reputable organizations are just a precondition about the quality of a product. On the other hand, its performance in real life situations gives you the best idea whether that is the best choice for your dog or not.

Nothing should prevent your dog from getting the relief he needs. To be sure you’ve made the right choice, ask your vet these three questions. Each serves as a pointer and criterium that helps you choose the right CBD for your dog.

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