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Things to Consider When Giving Your Dog CBD Products

Giving cannabis products to dogs has been a subject of debate in the medical community for some time. It turns out that giving anything with THC can be toxic to your dog. Upon ingesting edibles with THC, dogs can experience adverse effects. Therefore, it may be best to keep THC-infused edibles away from your dog. But what about CBD?

Even though cannabis isn’t an FDA-recommended drug, by all means, many vets have experience with CBD for dogs. Using their advice, we’ve assembled this guide on how to choose the right CBD product for your beloved dog.

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How does CBD for dogs even work?

For those that are unaware, CBD is the short name for cannabidiol, the second most powerful ingredient in the cannabis plant. Unlike its psychoactive cousin THC, CBD doesn’t have a mind-altering effect.

Therefore, when you give your dog CBD, there is no chance for canine toxicity or cognitive impairment. Giving your dog the best possible product and experience is of the utmost importance.

Now that you’re sure your four-pawed friend won’t experience any adverse effects, the rest is easy. Like humans, dogs also possess the endocannabinoid system (the ECS), along with existing cannabinoid receptors within the nervous system. Generally, this is a trait all mammals possess, and dogs are no exception whatsoever.

Asking your veterinarian for input

Due to a lack of ongoing research and recognized papers, CBD still can’t be officially recommended by your vet. Some veterinarians are knowledgeable about the subject, so you’re going to have to ask them directly. A lot of them are still skeptical about the subject, so be prepared for that.

Certified animal behaviorists and vets have spoken on the subject of CBD use for dogs, but aren’t allowed to make conclusions before we have enough scientific research. Thus, you can ask a vet for advice, but be prepared for most of the research and the information gathering on your own.

Ways to administer CBD for your dog

Understanding the hurdles when acquiring CBD is one thing, but there is more to watch out for. The next step revolves around the method of ingestion. How can you give CBD to your dog? There are several ways to administer this substance.

If you’ve ever had to give your dog medication for either fleas or heartworms, you know the challenges. There are CBD pills, but they aren’t tasty or enticing enough for your dog to eat them willingly. You will most likely have to resort to trickery to make sure he swallows it.

In recent years, CBD edibles. The industry has expanded, and you have a myriad of products to choose from. There are CBD dog sweets, which contain no real sugar but still maintain the sweetness your dog will love. If your dog is stubborn, we advise this method before anything else.

For topical purposes, there are different types of CBD creams and salves for dogs of all kinds. You can even choose products by looking at their absorption efficiency. This is great for older dogs and ones that have thicker skin. Topical CBD products are great because they are easy to administer and you can soothe your dog by petting him. Remember to have him stay still until the CBD is completely absorbed by the skin.

What about CBD tinctures for your dog?

Perhaps the best solution in recent years is to buy concentrated CBD oil in a tincture bottle. These products are mostly used by us humans, but dogs can also use them as well. The most important thing to watch out is dosage. Dogs are much smaller than us, and the same dose that humans can endure may cause adverse effects for them.

How do you administer a tincture? It’s easy. Trick your good boy into opening his jaws and administer as many drops as your veterinarian seems fitting. Don’t overdo the dosage and don’t hesitate to contact the vet if it isn’t working.

However, we recommend CBD edibles for your dog more than any other solution. They are tasty, enjoyable and your dog won’t develop a fear of medication. Deeming them to be the same as any other treat, will help them add it to their daily routines.

What to watch out for when buying CBD for your dog?

  • First and foremost, check if the product has CBD within it. There are a lot of legal loopholes that allow edible cannabis manufacturers to market their products as CBD-infused. In a lot of cases, they are just “hemp-based” or infused with basic hemp oil. Thus, before you make a purchase, be sure that you have read the product ingredients and description
  • There are also different strengths of CBD products for your dog. Some are stronger than others. Always look for the exact dosage per each treat, so you know the right dosage. Also, if you accidentally bought stronger ones – don’t worry. The CBD is spread equally within the treat, so you can always split them in half.
  • Check if the company has been FDA approved. There are a lot of fake companies around, ever since the CBD industry for dogs has gotten bigger. A good tincture is concentrated, strong and shows evident effects after days of use. The general thumb for this kind of CBD for dogs is to administer one drop per 10 lbs of your dog’s weight. If it doesn’t work, increase the dosage. However, make sure that it’s concentrated and evaluated by the DEA.
  • Remember to seek advice from your vet. They have surely encountered various products and may be able to make an “unofficial recommendation,” due to the legality issues.

Concluding thoughts

CBD for dogs comes in many forms. To make sure your dog gets what he needs, watch out for dosage and think before choosing the right kind of method to administer it. Give edibles a chance, mostly because they are the most convenient kind.

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