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How to Use CBD Dog Treats for Training

Dogs are a lot like little babies, in the sense that they hardly know how to let it be known they are in pain, suffering from anxiety or being stressed out by something. Vets are, of course, pretty good at it and prescribing medication to alleviate such symptoms, but oftentimes, it’s not something worth fussing too much over.

Gratefully, there’s a simple, natural solution to helping your dog achieve a stress-free lifestyle, and what’s even better, it comes in the form of treats.

Food is perhaps the most powerful motivator in dogs and if used correctly, can be a very effective tool to facilitate obedience training. What you’re doing is asking your dog to complete a rather complicated task by her standards – performing a visual or verbal cue is no mean task for the average dog. It’s a method of communication that’s completely foreign to them.

By exploiting the power of something that comes to them naturally – a desire for food – you can make the learning process faster and easier.

Why use CBD Dog Treats?

Normal treats already exist, so what makes CBD treats so significant?

Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety can be pretty debilitating at the worst of times, regardless of whether you’re human or a dog. For a dog, it’s exacerbated by the fact that they can’t voice out their opinion or let it be known that they are anxious. It’s up to the owner to pick up the visual cues.

The training process can be really stressful for a dog, and dogs with anxiety are more prone to fall victim to depression during such situations. This can then result in destructive behavior such as lashing out at the owner or destroying property. The latter is often in the form of urinating and chewing or tearing apart objects. CBD is both a stimulant and relaxant that helps calm your dog up.

Boost Appetite

Dogs love food so much, it usually looks like all they do is lie around and mooch food off of you – that’s an inaccurate description, but you get the idea. When a dog suddenly loses their appetite, it’s pretty hard to boil down to a single reason why.

If you are in the process of training your dog, this can be pretty frustrating because your dog needs the energy to go through the training process. However, one of the main reasons they lose their appetite is because of acute nausea.

CBD oils are famous for helping them eat more food than they usually do – which is usually also the case in humans.

Help them relax

At the end of the day when all is said and done, your dog needs to go back to being the goofy companion that lightens your mood every day. When they are through with a busy day of training activities, they are going to be tired and sore.

CBD is perhaps the most effective pain reliever out there – or at least one that’s not known to have any kind of side effects. Give your furry mate a CBD treat or two for being a good boy (or girl!) to ease them into a relaxed state, and more enjoyable sleep.

How to use CBD dog treats for training

Being familiar with the benefits of using CBD treats is one thing, but knowing how to use them effectively is a whole other issue altogether.

Here are a few tips on how to use CBD oil during dog training.

Use smaller treats

One of the biggest mistakes people make during dog training is using big treats. There are different kinds of treats used for training and others used on a day to day basis to reward general good behavior.

To be fair, overdoing treats is a lot easier than most people give it credit. Giving them fewer treats also helps maintain their weight by breaking treats into smaller pieces.

Reward them when they are calm

Dogs often identify positive behavior by keeping tabs of what they were doing when they are given a treat. For instance, if you give them a treat while they are being hyperactive, that behavior is likely to persist. Wait until your dog is calm and relaxed to give them the treat.

Even though CBD calms them down, don’t mistakenly think they will do it on their own next time.

Don’t use CBD treats as a bribe

One situation you want to avoid is this:  sure, your dog has learned the command, but he will only do it when he knows he’s going to be rewarded for the behavior.

It helps to give the treats at random, rather than every time they follow the command you’ve given them successfully. As time goes by, rely on them less and less. At some point, reinforce the desired behavior by using verbal encouragement and physical displays of affection.

Reward any progress you notice

Another mistake you want to avoid is waiting for your dog to perform the whole task before giving them the treat. This often leads to frustration in the owners because the dog forgets what was going on, to begin with. Instead, reward progress.

For instance, if you’re trying to teach your dog to sit down, give him a treat when he lowers his butt a little bit. If he does it a little bit more, hand him another treat (small ones!) When he manages to complete the task, give him a slightly larger one.

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