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How to Replace Your Dog’s Medications with CBD

A lot of people feel uncomfortable when their veterinarians prescribe traditional medications for their pets. Because of this, many people are now inclined to use CBD products because of all the health benefits they offer. CBD is fast becoming a popular health supplement and there are plenty of reasons why.

CBD can activate the endocannabinoid system in humans which plays an important role in many body processes, from an appetite regulator to inflammatory issues. Its health benefits are plenty and they apply to both man and beast. CBD, short for cannabinoid, is a safe supplement for your precious pets. But how do you replace medications with these products? Let’s find out.

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On its own, is CBD safe for dogs?

Cannabis is not the only source of CBD as it can also come from the hemp plant. CBD is well-tolerated, non-toxic, non-psychoactive, and best of all, is non-addictive. Furthermore, CBD rarely manifests any side effects and such property makes it a better alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals that do.

Slight drowsiness is the only issue involved when administering CBD to dogs. This isn’t a big deal because you have to lower the dosage you administer to your pet. There’s no arguing about this sedative effect but given in small doses, it can even boost your pet’s energy level. Here are some pointers you can consider if you decide to replace your dog’s medications with CBD. Follow these steps for a smooth transition:

Step 1: Speak with your dog’s veterinarian

It’s first recommended to speak to your veterinarian of your intent. There’s always that possibility of drug interaction with your dog’s other medications. Make sure that you know the symptoms if there should be any.

Step 2: Learn about the benefits of CBD and CBD-based products for dogs

You should only administer CBD to your pet to replace their other medications when you’re certain that there will be no danger of an adverse reaction. Keep in mind that CBD is not a “cure-all” medicine which is why caution is key.

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Step 3: Determine the proper dosage of CBD for your dog

When you start your pet on CBD, introduce it gradually, never abruptly. During the first doses, you will have to watch any reactions that may occur caused by the supplement. Usually, the first doses are at 0.5mg of CBD for every pound of body weight, given two times a day. For instance, a dog weighing 10 pounds will have a 5.0mg dosage. If you’re not sure of the right dosage, ask your veterinarian or read the label of the CBD product.

Step 4: Adjust the dosages if needed

Once your dog has adapted to CBD use and there are no adverse reactions, you may begin to increase the CBD dose if needed. As you increase the CBD intake, you will also start decreasing the dosages of other medications. The decrease will depend on the type of medications your dog is on. As the introduction to CBD, the withdrawal from the other medications should also be very gradual. Remember that an abrupt stop to some pharmaceuticals can manifest some nasty effects as well. Again, confer with your vet as he can show you how you can safely do this.

Step 5: Go slow

Don’t be too eager to cut off your pet’s other medications. You will need patience because the process can take weeks or even longer. Exactly how long you would have to taper off the other medications will depend on how much time your pet was on these medications, the dosage your canine takes, and the half-life of the specific medications.

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When should you replace your dog’s medications with CBD?

Many pet owners are still reluctant to switch to use CBD on their pets because of the misconceptions about the compound. But CBD is safe, and you can use it as a supplement for your dog’s health. But CBD as a replacement will largely depend on pet’s condition along with the medications that you’re giving him. Here are important things to consider when deciding on CBD use:

  • First, do some research to determine if your pet will benefit from the CBD supplement. Read a lot of articles, specifically those about conditions which commonly occur in household pets.
  • If your research proves that CBD can be beneficial to your pet, write down all the medications that your pet is currently taking.
  • Consult with your veterinarian and get information on how these medications get processed when ingested, and whether CBD will affect any of the liver enzymes which might bring about possibilities of adverse reactions.
  • Provide your veterinarian the complete list of drugs your pet is currently taking and get his approval before going ahead with administering CBD.

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There’s always a possibility of a medicine interaction, and it’s recommended that you gradually wean your dog off his current medications as you’re starting with CBD. As mentioned earlier, abrupt withdrawal of current medications will depend upon the dog’s condition. Serious conditions, for instance, can’t go untreated for long periods.

In cases where drug interaction isn’t feasible, you may need to start your canine on CBD, together with their regular medications. From there, you can begin to gradually wean your pet off the other medicines.

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Are there any medications which might interact with CBD?

Most of the medications available in the market today are roughly metabolized by cytochrome P450. If your dog’s medicines contain this component, there’s a good possibility it will interact with CBD. Here is a partial list of the most common drugs that CBD might interfere with:

  • Anesthetics
  • Antihistamines (like allergy medications)
  • Benzodiazepines (like anticonvulsants and anxiolytics)
  • Fentanyl and other types of narcotics
  • NSAIDs
  • Steroids (like Fludrocortisone and Prednisone)
  • Some antibiotics

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Since your pets also have endocannabinoid systems, they can also avail of the same benefits of CBD. However, owners of pets must remember that the supplement can interact with other medications they’re taking. So it’s best advised to consult with your vet first before starting your pet on CBD.

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