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How to Read Dog CBD Product Labels

Dog CBD products are becoming more and more popular. This has led to owners taking an interest in purchasing treats, oil or other forms of CBD. A downside to this popularity boom is the growing number of brands.

As there are more and more manufacturers, it’s becoming harder to know which brands sell quality products and which don’t. So, how can you ensure that your dog gets the best CBD product?

The “secret” lies in the most apparent place – the label. Using the packaging, you can find out all you need about a brand. With this new information, you will be able to purchase the right CBD dog treats or CBD oil for your dog. In this article, we will dissect different parts of the label and what should you look for.

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The name of the manufacturer

Although it might sound obvious, the name of the manufacturer can tell you a lot of things. With a keyword or set of words, you can find their website and online reviews. Getting a feel of the consensus about a brand can make the decision process much easier.

Even brands with the biggest marketing budget can’t hide bad reviews on forums and online stores that sell the product. Besides, dog CBD products have become a competitive market and no one wants to risk their reputation.

As you research the company, you can also gain insight into the origin of their hemp. Every reputable CBD brand has a list of contracted growers, farms and suppliers. If you don’t find such a list, it’s a red flag. Therefore, do extensive research about the farms and growth facilities.

Reading about their work will give you knowledge about the methods applied to the hemp. Aim for organic farms, as you don’t want your dog to eat contaminant-rich products.

If the manufacturer has its own lab, pay special attention to test results. Check for documents that relate to hemp, the whole growth facility and a particular CBD product. You can find all this out just by Googling the name of the manufacturer and doing a bit of reading. By investing this time, you will ensure that your dog uses only the best CBD treats.

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Dosage and serving size

Every dog CBD product must contain information about the dosage on the labeling. Humans can feel the effects and report about the effectiveness, but dogs cannot. Therefore, it’s impossible to estimate the size of your dog’s dosage.

A verified CBD brand should indicate the precise dosage of the product, whether it is a treat or a CBD concentrate. Different products require different amounts, but the instructions should contain two things:

1.    Serving size

2.    Dosage per 1 lb/10 lb. of weight

By knowing the serving size, you how you can split the product and administer it to your dog. This is especially important if you don’t have previous experience with CBD products for dogs. Use the same measurements every time and you won’t have problems even with increasing, decreasing or constantly changing doses.

The product label must contain information about how to adjust doses in relation to your dog’s size. Dogs vary in weight, so you don’t want to administer too much or not even get the desired effects.

If there is any lack of clarity in the information about doses, you should avoid that brand. Verified CBD want to make their products easy to use and include understandable instructions.


CBD content

Before you make your choice and try a new dog CBD product, you must know how much actual CBD oil is there. Due to different needs, manufacturers have expanded their range of production and started making less concentrated products. No dog is the same, so you want to get the right dose and have your dog get the treatment he needs.

If the matter is not serious, you might want to look at some less concentrated CBD oils and snacks. This gives you a great first experience and an opportunity to see how the dog responds to said dose. For immediate relief, more concentrated products like oils and tinctures are the way to go.

Snacks, in particular, are for constant, but less intensive intake. Most brands even have snacks of varying strength, so you can purchase multiple and see which ones suit your dog the best.

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Hemp oil content and other details

Most dog CBD products are derived from hemp oil, mostly because it contains the most CBD and isn’t hard to extract. Therefore, one detail you should look for on a product label is the amount of hemp oil in each dosage/the whole product. If, for example, the label says that every 1-gram dose contains 1 gram of hemp oil, that means the product is pure.

This indicates that the product has been a product of careful extraction and not blending an average product with other substances. In some cases, you might also find information about the origin of the hemp from which the CBD is extracted. There are also labels that tell which part of the hemp is this particular batch from.

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Although dogs can’t eat sugar, there are a lot of CBD products with artificial sweeteners that aren’t harmful to the dog. The amount of sweeteners can indicate the taste of the product. For pickier dogs, this is a great way to ensure that he will like the product and look forward to it on a daily basis.

The amount of sweeteners can affect the shelf life of the product as well. Thus, you can choose between products for short-term use and those for long-term treatments. This all depends on the reasons for which you’re giving your dog CBD oil or treats.

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To sum up

When looking at the product label, you can find out a lot about the manufacturer. If it’s a reputable brand, they should include information about the serving size and dosage per lb. of body weight. Also, choose whether you want a stronger or less concentrated product. We hope you will find the ideal verified CBD product for your pet.

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