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7 Products Your Pet Needs This Winter

Winter is its full swing. For dogs and their owners, winter can be a fun and interesting time. Some dog owners actually can’t wait for the season to begin so they can start building snowballs and sending their furry babies to fetch stuff in the snow.

But unavoidably, winter can also be a dangerous time, especially for dogs, with all the snow and the cold.

But keep the smile on, because you can still have a perfect winter with your dog. In the list below, we highlight the few products you will need to get that perfect winter (and make your dog smile too!)

Playing with the dog

A LED safety collar

How better to mark your dog this winter than by using a comfy LED collar that shines from as far away as 3 miles and is both impact resistant and waterproof? This LED safety collar will set you back between $6 and $20, but you can bet that it will be worth it.

A warm doggy coat

Just like you need a coat (or more) for a cold winter day, your dog needs one too. It does have a fur skin, yes, but that’s not enough to always keep out the cold for hours.

Show your dog some love by getting it a warm coat for those long cold walks. A good coat costs between $65 – $300, and comes with a waterproof layer to keep the water out and heavy thickness to keep the heat within.

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A collapsible dog bowl

When it comes to convenience, a collapsible dog bowl ranks really high for dog owners this winter. It’s collapsible, so it’s foldable and can be carried almost anywhere during winter excursions with your dog. It makes keeping your dog hydrated a breeze since you can use anytime.

Dog in the snow

Paw Balm

If there’s one thing about winter that’s clearly dangerous for dogs, it’s the icing and de-icing agents used on snow, which affects their paws over regular exposure. That is where the Paw Balm comes in handy.

It’s a solution designed to offer long term resistance and protection for the paws without barring the dog from taking walks in the snow.

It’s made from a mixture of soothing herbs like aloe vera and fruit extracts like avocado, so your dog will be safe using it. Expect to pay between $20 and $40 for a good-sized serving.

Warm dog boots

Just like paw balm, warm dog boots are another product you’ll need for your dog, especially if it snows really hard in your city.

They aren’t a luxury as some people might think, but a real necessity, especially when you consider the de-icing agents used on snow and their effect on your dog’s paws.

They also provide additional traction to prevent sliding and other accidents during movement in the snow. Prepare to spend anything between $90 and $200 for a good pair.

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A Heated Doggie Bed

Much like the way heated beds make for a wonderful retreat for humans in the winter, heated beds for our furry friends can be a major relief this winter too.

After a long, cold day outside, what better way for your dog to chill out than by resting by the fire on a bed that’s soft and heated all night?

Heated doggie beds are already popular, and luckily, they aren’t too pricey. One bed may set you back between $20 and $40 only.

Sit with a dog

Snowball maker

Many dogs love chasing snowballs in the winter, and for some dog owners, that is reason enough to build them, even though it quickly becomes a painstaking task. This automatic snowball maker should make building a snowball easier.

Because of its regular, automatic system, the snowball maker creates a new snowball every few minutes, so your dog will have something to chase the whole time without you having to be involved.

In other words, dog owners can sit back and let the dog play with the snowball maker without getting bored. How fun is that?

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CBD dog treats

CBD oil has been growing more and more popular since it was first made public, and now there’s CBD oil for dogs too. And there’s no need to worry because CBD oil is safe for dogs in whatever format. Dog parents are already joining the movement, and doggies are reaping the benefits.

For this coming winter, give your dog some wonderful treats. CBD chewies, CBD biscuits, and CBD cookies are some perfect recommendations for your dog’s diet. They come in different flavors, including favorites bacon and turkey, so your dog will easily love them.

If your dog is new to CBD oils, you can start by introducing it to CBD oil drops, which are administered using specific doggie droppers. Be sure to check out the contents of the oil drops you’re administering first because your dog might be allergic. If it is, consider alternatives in flavor and dosage.

If you’re wondering if CBD oils are okay for dogs, the answer is a resounding yes. Just like with humans, CBD oils help to energize lethargic dogs, help with appetite, help with restlessness and more. Buy them, and your furry baby will thank you.

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The bottom line

This coming winter shouldn’t be a hard time for you and your dog. It’s sure to be cold and depressing, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring and limiting for your dog. It can still be quite fun. The products above should make it a blast – they’re all highly functional and really useful. Do make sure though, that each product you purchase is made of chemicals and substances that are compatible with your dog’s biochemistry. You don’t want your fur baby getting allergic to something that cost you over $300.

Otherwise, the very best of luck to you and your dog this coming winter. Have fun!

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