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5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy in Spring

To dogs, spring is always “just around the corner.” They love the season because it means that they won’t get confined indoors. This is great for the dog, but as a dog owner, you should concern yourself with specific factors that might harm your pet when spring comes.

This is the season when dogs become very vulnerable to certain diseases. To keep your canine safe this season, here are some tips:

Walking with a dog

1. CBD to combat seasonal allergies

Dog owners should always keep up with the trends on the greatest and most recent achievements in holistic medicine. Has anyone heard about CBD for dogs? This compound had its share of controversies, but as of late, almost all issues about CBD come out positive.

CBD is very effective in the treatment of allergies in dogs, and you can administer it through CBD dog treats and CBD oils. CBD dog treats are the most recommended remedies in combating dog allergies. CBD dog treats are also given to pets to heal their cracked paws and even to reduce dandruff, and shedding.

In the form of oil, you can also administer CBD for the same purposes and still come up with the same benefits. The oil usually comes in tincture form with a dropper that’s easy to use and which gives pet owners total control on the exact dosage that their pets will receive. You can mix CBD oil with your dog’s meals or place it over their favorite snacks.

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2. Vaccinations and de-worming

Parasites could also be a problem for dogs during the spring season. They can infect dogs from the inside, specifically parasitic worms. The most common venue for contamination is fecal ingestion from an infected animal or ingesting the eggs after eating grass where other animals deposited their fecal matter.

Parasites can grow then multiply within the dog and this results to malnutrition and, eventually, death if left unchecked. The most effective way of getting rid of these parasites is by de-worming your dog regularly. The frequency depends on the neighborhood where you live and if there is an ongoing risk there.

Dogs exposed to eating junk or interact with other animals have higher possibilities of getting exposed to rabies, tetanus, and more which are hazardous diseases. We make special mention of rabies because the disease can infect family members too, especially in its later stages.

This is the reason why veterinarians always recommend that your pets get vaccinated to prevent the transmission and infection of these diseases.

Dogs playing

3. Survey the environment for toxic plants or harm wildlife and insects

“April showers bring May flowers.” What a beautiful rhyming phrase! But for pet owners, you need to ensure that those May flowers won’t harm to your pets. Check your neighborhood for newly sprung flowers or shrubs. These can are very toxic and dangerous plants which you should avoid when you take your pet out for a walk.

As you perform the reconnaissance, you might as well check on toxic pesticides or fertilizers which can make your dog sick should he ingest these chemicals. Also, remember to avoid cocoa mulch too!

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Remember that as soon as spring is here, hibernating animals may start showing up in the neighborhood. Raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and other critters will be on the move scavenging for food. Keep your dog on a leash when you take him out for a walk in the woods and teach him to avoid these wild creatures.

The rise in temperatures also induces pests like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks which start breeding at truly high rates. Therefore, this is a good time to protect your pets from these pests. You can start by getting rid of stagnant waters which serve as the breeding grounds to many of these bloodsuckers.

Next, you can look for insect repellents instead of those spot-on chemical treatments which might do more harm than good to your pets. Finally, look for ways to boost your pet’s immune system for an added layer of protection from insect-borne diseases like Lyme disease, malaria, heartworm, and more.

4. Make sure your dog is always happy

Even with people, the happiest ones are also the healthiest ones. The same is true for dogs. Always remember the significance of your pet’s mental well-being and that his happiness may define his health. Include your canine in family activities and games. Bring him along on your morning runs or your beach visits.

These fun activities go a long way for your dog’s mental health, psychological health, and the effect can become more evident if he’s recovering from a recent disease or illness. Outdoor activities are also an excellent way of releasing all that pent-up energies that your dog has accumulated during the winter.

Walking with a dog

5. Protect your dog from the sun

If you live in a more temperate zone, the occurrence of sunburns or heat strokes won’t be much of an issue up until summer comes along. However, those who live in the south should know about these environmental threats.

Wherever you live, always remember that the advent of spring to summer is a transition to stronger UV rays and warmer temperatures. These factors affect dogs the same way they do humans, so don’t let your dog run too much outside or stay in the sun for too long.

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Spring is always associated with rebirth and fertility where you see plants come back to life and many animals wake up from their hibernation. It indeed is a season that we all cherish. But when it comes to our pets, you should let them enjoy the season with a dash of extra care.

For people who have pets and have relocated to a new neighborhood, it is well-advised to consult the local veterinarian about potential risks to consider with regards to their pets. There will always be dangers, but we cannot confine our pets forever. The outdoors with its risks is a part of your pet’s overall happiness

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