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CBD Oil Benefits To Your Dog

There has been much discussion about the benefits of CBD for animals.Many clinical trials are ongoing at the moment, giving us hope for a clear resolution of the many hypotheses out there.

It’s legal for pet use in many places and countries around the world, but there is one thing you should pay attention to the most – dosage. Giving your beloved pet the right dose can be challenging simply because animals are very picky when it comes to food. There is a significant chance that the CBD oil won’t work if your pet doesn’t get the whole dose.

To help you traverse this obstacle, we’ve assembled a useful guide that will aid you in administering CBD oil to your pets. These simple ways can be used separately, or combined if you see your dog “being onto you.”

We will also discuss the issues of dosage and how much does an animal need, regardless of its malady. For everyone who has considered giving their pet CBD oil, this guide will certainly shed some light on the subject and disperse any dilemmas that you might have. Let’s start off with the classic ways.

Mixing CBD oil as a part of a meal

If a pet is healthy and vibrant, there is no chance that he will reject his favorite food. Oftentimes, dogs and cats eat the entire contents of the bowl without even picking from where they start.

Because of their hunger, food seems to be the ideal chance to place your CBD oil. There are some things you should pay attention to when administering the CBD into your pet’s food.

  • You can use any type of food to administer CBD into your dog’s diet. However, wet food is the best solution because the CBD can easily dissolve in any liquid and spread around the bowl.
  • If you’re using either wet or dry food, make sure that one of the ingredients has a significantly strong taste. Some dogs don’t like the smell of CBD oil (even if we humans can’t smell it from afar), so it’s best that you cover it up with a food of your pet’s liking.
  • Another good way to ensure the whole dose it absorbed is to have your dog eat a semi-solid meal near the end of the day. If you’re using solid or just a little bit wet food, the oil can drop to the bottom of the bowl simply because it’s heavier.

Additionally, you should give your pet different meals over the course of the administering process. If you’re mixing one same kind of food with CBD, your pet might realize that the food is mixed with something he doesn’t like.

That way, he might start refusing that meal. In case he doesn’t like the CBD oil, you can always camouflage the CBD oil with a different meal, a one that he doesn’t eat often.

Mixing CBD oil in a bowl of water

According to our panel of experts, mixing CBD with water is the least effective way of getting your pet to drink it. However, it can also be effective, but this depends on the water-drinking habits of your pet. Some pets simply don’t like to drink a lot of water. Others tend to drink too much. It all depends on the weather, your pet’s health and his general mood.

Generally, dogs and cats drink water in two possible ways – a whole bowl at once and a little bit on a daily basis. If your pet has the habit of drinking a whole bowl at once, then you can try administering CBD oil.

This has the best chances of succeeding when you’re out for a walk, and the weather is hot. That way, you can ensure that the animal is thirsty and that he or she will drink the whole bowl at once.

If, however, your pet wants to drink a little bit over the course of the day, you might want to disregard this way of administering CBD. Some animals are really sensitive to stale water and refuse to drink it if it’s not fresh. This way, you risk wasting CBD because you will have to throw out the stale water and still refill the bowl.

One other thing to pay attention – if your pet has a higher dosage prescribed, water should be out of the question. Your focus should be on getting the dosage correct. There is a reason why there are different doses of CBD oil.

Directly to the mouth or putting it on a treat

These two alternatives are generally very beneficial methods for administering CBD oil to your pet. The mouth method relies on the temperament of your pet. Some dogs don’t have an issue with being obedient and drinking from the dropper.

Other refuse to let anyone mess with their mouths. If you are still trying to accomplish this, spray the entire dose into the dog’s mouth and shut their jaws shut. That way, they will have to another choice but to swallow the CBD oil.

Another good way to fool your pet is to put it on a treat. Some dogs simply go crazy for treats and the smell of their favorite food will distract them from the fact that they’re being fed CBD oil. If you want to be sure you got the right dosage, dip multiple treats to split the dose.

How much CBD oil should be giving your pet?

Since veterinarians in many countries are not legally allowed to prescribe CBD oil to pets, you might be inclined to figure out the dosage all by yourself. The malady affects the outcome of the dosage, but generally, the doses go somewhere like this:

  • If your dog or cat is under 20 lbs. – 4-8 drops/1-5 mg
  • >Dogs 20-50 lbs. – 12-25 drops/ 5-10 mg
  • Dogs over 50 lbs. – 20+ drops/ 15+ mg

It’s important to indicate that many different maladies require different amounts. Additionally, animals are different from one another. You can increase the dose if you see no effect on your pet.

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